PeNtAgRaM I​:​Gored

by Severed End

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journey through EARTH into the grave


released December 16, 2012

Nothing plays everything



all rights reserved


Severed End Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Malice
Malice, Homicidal impulse fills my veins,Cold and brisk, your walking quick, Red dot fixed upon your lips, Silent breath and trigger kicks, Kiss the bullet it will be sick, Half your head is severed from your body, I will snatch your keys and leave your family rotting, Here I come with the axe, Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, I will fucking hack you up, A mass of limbs you will become, 4 nooses made of your sons body, Around your necks, Choking to death, Set free, Beaten, Lashed, You are now hostages, Experiments upon the flesh, Your son is now the tourture rack, Open skin, Exposed organs, Chop off limbs one by one, One by one, Malice, I have a collection of limbs, I shall feast to my hearts content, I killed with violent intent, To my fix you paid your debt, Blood dripping down my lips it undries your bones, Your flesh tasted like artificial shit, I was fucking hungry so I had to deal with it.
Track Name: Gored
Spill your guts, All over the fucking ground, Mayhem starting now, Ready the prisoners for dismemberment, Bloodthirst, Comes when the whip cracks flesh, You are being warmed up for slaughter, For our pleasure you shall die...Gored, Gored, Gored, 8 crecent hooks, Resting in abdominal flesh, Bound from the ceiling you lie, I shall saw off each limb, One by one, Remove insides, Drain all blood, Decapitated last, Gored, Gored, Gored, Painstaking tourture, Thousands upon thousands dead, Flesh turned to scraps and fed to the hounds, Innards stored in coffers, To be eaten by our kind, In our lawless wastland, This is where the bodies lie. Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored, Gored. YOU HAVE JUST BEEN GORED.
Track Name: Apocalyptic Doom
Track Name: Premeditated Medical Malpractice
Lying in suspence, Awaiting numbing chemical, Taking a chance to die in order to live another day, Sedation kicks in, My family is escorted out.... You shall fucking die, You shall never wake again, Sick lust breeding in me, A sadist urge shall be unleashed, Enacting brutal murder, On a random victim, Cut his fucking head off, With no neck attached, With nothing left in tact,Scalpel peirces flesh, Mutilated, First Blood, This surgery shall satisfy my sick lust,Continuous cutting with the scalpel leads you to bleed out, Heart is stopping, Carving off your flesh covered in lacerations, I am burning your carved off flesh, Putrid fucking stench, Releases my dopamine but i am not satisfied, Lying mass of bone, Muscle tissue and organs, Being cut apart by power tools, Waste and liqiuds spattered, Completley disemboweled, Lying unrecognizable, Seratonin unleashed, As you lie a Brutalized mess, You have been a victim of random violence, Premeditated medical malpractice
Track Name: Zombie Apoclypse Prophecy
We have come from the grave, Respawed by our repressed malice, The time for us to exact out vengence is here, Let this karma manifest as death, As one we impose our dread, Leave nothing alive, But everything dead, Zombie apocalypse, We shall impose our dread, As you smell the putrefying stench of our rotted flesh, Know that you are moments away from death, We can feel no pain as we destroy everything, We are the terror of the night, Challenge us and fight, We are the rotted army, Spreading our terror, We are the rotted army, Spreading our terror, We are the rotted army, Spreading our terror, I gazed into the future and fortold doom, The deeds of man will make it final, Zomble apocalypse, We shall impose our dread.