PeNtAgRaM V​:​Eternal Ritual

by Severed End

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KIll the ego as you know it,Absorb into the soul,In darkness calm down,You shall die,You shall transcend the skies,So you shall live as the earth permits!


released December 15, 2012

Nothing plays everything



all rights reserved


Severed End Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Ego Death
Nothing but a part, Attached in harmony or not, Serve me and you shall not rot....What is known has died, Ego death, Revive anew, Ribirth of a new ego, And you shall see what is to be seen, No longer will you dream but you will be alive.
Track Name: Amozonite
Sage in the stone, Path paved in gold, Energy screams, Solid shell of green, Whispers in my dreams, Connect the line of time, Realization imbibed, The begining is the ending, Amozonite, Open eyes impending.
Track Name: Manipulate
Myriads of fools are the handyman's tools, It's real simple follow the steps, Grind away until your death, This handyman works without effort, A tome of laws keep us together, With closed eyes we are slaves forever, Is T.V a reality? Or propaganda for safety? But everything is real, But only true to the naive, Watch the play, Feed into the lies of those who impose there will like it was unwritten law, Journey through my halls, Shake my hand and we shall both smile, But if you fail to see through my guile, Manipulation shall smile and say I am your father bastard child...This is manipulation where ego hides the scars.
Track Name: Bow Down
We are whole, The eternal balance of energy, We can harvest what aids us, When we are at ease, We can harvest what kills us, This force is dis, The dreadful monster that negates the source of bliss, This is the disease, How will you plead? Organic or synthhetic, Natural or not, It will determine what you feel when you rot, If energy is balance then energy is heirarchy, Natureis the wise mother and we are its dumb feeble child, Bow Down.
Track Name: Enemies
Enemies killing off my enemies, With the bullets that shall bring upon death, Every wound excruciates you will never rest, Until you hang upon the noose and suffocate upon death, Take your last breath like a man, Give it all you can and you will wake a man, This is what life is, Give it all you can, And fear won't kill you again, Sound the rebellion, Beckon the rebels and scream for the renegades to join our side, March with fury, Kill the enemy hordes, Spill there blood without any remorse, Sever you from the source, Death as we recant, You vermin shall die in solitude.
Track Name: Eternal Ritual pt.1
To transcend the flesh, Knowledge must culminate in physical death, To transcend all death, Knowledge must culminate till the end, Bound in the infinity of time, Esoteric wisdom shall rise, In death the transformation, Eternal ritual, Infinite, Imbibe the plant life of planets, Realize what is true, Indulge in the truth, Let lies hang from the noose, Metaphysical eye negates all you hide, Eternal ritual, Infinite, The cells that continue life, Stab them with filthy knives, They will multioly and will not divide, Disease must grow if I am not to survive, Cells will multiply and I will never die, Eternal ritual, Infinite, Night and day divide, The simple illusion of time, Past and future flowing through my mind, Remnants of the divine lie dormant in the spine, Eternal ritual, Infinite, Anything can become reality, Science has not climbed the vines on the tree, I will become what you will never be, I am thee, Eternal ritual, Infinite.